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About Us

About Us

Islamic International Academy is an international online Quran school that has been offering online Quran courses for years, helping you and your children learn the Quran with Tajweed and Quran memorization. We have male and female Quran teachers and no webcam is required so women and children can read the Quran safely from home.


As a leading online Qur’an teaching, we offer top-quality Qur’an courses to all students. Our online Quran courses include

  • Learning to read the Quran
  • Learning the Quran with Tajweed
  • Learning the Quran word by word
  • Learning the Quran by Heart
  • Daily prayers (Islamic Duas)

We provide online Quran teaching services to anyone anywhere in the world.

We have hundreds of satisfied students, which is a sign of our performance and credibility.



Our Quran teachers at the International Islamic Academy are hardworking, highly qualified and motivated individuals. We have trained them to the highest standards of an academy specializing in Quranic education. We strive to create a friendly environment to achieve the best results.


We train our tutors before assigning them students, as online teaching is a very different technique from traditional teaching. We run various training programmes and refresher courses for tutors on an ongoing basis to keep them up to date and to ensure quality.


Our tutors are highly skilled workers who know how to make easy progress with a student in a friendly environment to achieve the best results. They can teach in a very professional manner and can also speak Urdu, English and Arabic.

The characteristics of Quran teachers are as follows

  • Hafiz-i-Quran (they have memorised the entire Quran).
  • They know the rules of recitation inside out.
  • University Graduates in Islamic studies
  • They are well-trained to teach Quran, Arabic and Urdu online.
  • They have an excellent command of English, Arabic and Urdu to converse and teach their students.
  • They are highly motivated and understand the complexities of this profession. They are committed to achieving optimal results.

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