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A word about our valuable teachers

Islamic International Academy offers online Quran education with the best online tutors. The highly qualified staff is capable enough to teach how to read and memorize the Holy Quran at home. Students can learn Quran as per their convenience as our instructors are available 24/7. We even offer 1-on-1 classes for better understanding. You get complete attention of the tutor which is npot possible in group studies. Lear the Quran with deep understanding due to direct communication with your tutor. Our Quran teachers are liable to make sure that students never get late for classes or meetings. Tutors also make sure to teach important things in a very comfortable manner. You can ask for the private training courses which are just a few clicks away. We are easily accessible to residents of the USA, UK and Canada. There are no age restrictions for our students. Students of any age, gender and nationality can be admitted to our online institute. The only prerequisite is your willingness to study the Holy Quran.

International Islamic Academy Is the Best Platform.

Our motto is not only to enable you to learn the Quran online but also to empower you to realize and reflect on the Book of Allah in your life. We give you the opportunity to read and understand the Quran with the best teachers from around the world who will instill an incredible love for Islam in you as well as the Quran and the ways of Islam.

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