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How Quran learning can be easy

Everyone knows how important it is for every Muslim to learn Quran. It becomes very difficult for you to learn Quran when you don’t know how to read Arabic. It may come to your mind that how you can recite Quran like professionals on TV. Now there are different ways to learn Quran. You can learn it from any institution that gives Quran teachings. 

Most people don’t want to send their children to Quran educational institutions because of different reasons like road accidents. But this does not mean that they don’t teach their children Quran. In this modern time, all of these hurdles can be removed easily. One of the easy ways to learn the Quran is online. Here are some tips to learn Quran online. 

Clear your mind 

An easy way to learn Quran faster is that you should clear your mind from any type of thoughts. You can focus only on one thing at a time. All of your focus should be on learning Quran. 


Whenever you are learning you require a peaceful environment. Make sure that you sit at a place that is quiet so you are not distracted by anyone. Also, make sure that the device which you are using must be connected to the internet properly. In this way, there will be no disturbance. 

Make notes while learning online

While learning something it is essential to make short notes which can help you. While taking an online class it will be very difficult for you to make notes on a laptop or mobile. You can make notes with your pen and paper. 

Ask questions 

We should listen twice we speak but it is good to ask questions. It helps you to learn more. If you have doubts about anything while learning you should ask your tutor. By engaging with your tutor you can easily understand and learn the lesson. 

Learn through short sessions

Learning through short sessions is more effective than long sessions. For example, a short session can be 30 minutes long while a long session can be up to 1 hour. Your brain can learn more in 30 minutes. In 1 hour there will be too much information for your brain. If you are an average learner then you should prefer short sessions. 

If you are finding how you can learn online then Learn Quran Academy is the best option for you. They offer classes 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There is no time barrier; you can take classes according to your time when you are free. They provide you with the facility of 1 on 1 online classes. In this your children will be given special attention, he can learn and grow fast. There are different courses you can choose according to your requirement. Another great thing is that they provide you with free trial classes of 5 days. 

Their faculty consists of expert and qualified Islamic scholars. So what are you waiting for join their free trial classes now. 

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